Mateusz Gessler


Chef, restaurateur (Ćma, Warszawski Sen, DOCK19, Warszawa Wschodnia), TV personality (jury at MasterChef Junior 2016-2021, host of Drzewo Marzeń 2017-2018, Wszystkiego Słodkiego 2022, Hell's Kitchen in Polsat TV 2022-2023).

He believes that being a restaurateur and chef is the best, but also the hardest profession in the world. Nonetheless, he does not want to do anything else because this job brings him a lot of joy, and this is the most important thing in life.

Mateusz is not a homebody type of man. He has travelled a lot and lived in many places throughout the world – in France, Canada, Switzerland and he felt well in each place. He loves listening to people, learning new things and living actively as well as discovering new experiences at each given time. All this because the world is extremely interesting for him. He also proves well as a host of culinary workshops and shows. He is the author of cook books "My Polish Cuisine" and "Flavor of childhood".

Patryk Wolski
(48) 512 033 733


restauracje Mateusza Gesslera

by Mateusz Gessler
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by Mateusz Gessler
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