The culinary journey through Polish and French cuisine starts right here, in a restaurant located at Warsaw’s Praga Południe

restauracja praga południe


There is always a good time for good cuisine. Therefore, our restaurant in Soho Factory is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At any given time of night and day, you can enjoy the marvelous meals and carry out casual conversations. We believe that cooking really does bring people closer. Therefore, the central part of Warszawa Wschodnia comprises a great kitchen table, in front of which you can observe chefs’ excellent work. We guarantee that watching a special meal being prepared will whet your appetite. 



Cooking on your own 

Prepare a list of ingredients three working days before Self Cooking, wait for the confirmation from the restaurant and cook under the watchful eye of the best and on a professionally prepared and equipped station.

✓ Offer dedicated to groups of 8 to 24 people
✓ Cost: 600 PLN lease of the station (up to 4h, each additional hour 150 PLN/station) plus the potential cost of products. There are two stations at your disposal – each for max. 12 people
✓ Scheduling dates and reservation details only by email.


Culinary workshops

Make the integration party at your company, or a stag party, hen party or baby shower more attractive thanks to our unique culinary workshops. We guarantee that your guests will remember them even after a long time.

✓Lease of 1, 2 or more stations
✓ Workshop participation available for groups of up to 12 people
✓ Duration of the workshops 1 – 4 hours
✓ Consumption budget from 150 PLN per person depending on the menu
✓ Host’s fee: 500 PLN per hour

Contact regarding the offer under rezerwacja@gessler-sohofactory.pl


Warszawa Wschodnia is not only a great place to have either lunch or a romantic dinner, but also an ideal space for a party or a corporation event

For your company, we will organize a holiday party, an exquisite banquet and cocktail as well as professional brand-promoting party. If you wish to have a meeting with your family, we will host a wedding party, anniversary, communion party, christening party or any other event. At your disposal, there is a hall that might fit up to 300 people in a cocktail form and 150 in sit-down form. We will propose a menu and an Open Bar as well as take care of a professional music setting. Depending on the number of guests, who might amount even up to 10, we provide you with the opportunity to use the Restaurant Room, 24h Zones, Self Cooking workshops, New Hall or a garden fitting up to 100 people.

If you wish to receive an individual offer, reach out to us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:30.
Phone: (48) 22 870 29 18 
Email: rezerwacja@gessler-sohofactory.pl


restauracja soho factory
lunch warszawa wschodnia


The spacious room, enriched with a unique atmosphere, is an ideal place for business meetings, less-formal meetings with friends as well as romantic dinners. Thanks to our open kitchen, you have the opportunity to observe professional chefs at work and, from time to time, a piano recital will make your dinner even more enjoyable.


Our new and spacious conference hall offers up to 88 square meters, all perfectly arranged for both family events and business meetings that require multimedia presentations.

Thanks to separate kitchen and bar, nothing will disrupt the harmony of your meeting. The opportunity to reserve is applicable only for groups of up to 80 people in standing form and 60 people in sit-down form.

restauracja francuska praga południe
restauracja praga południe


An ideal solution if you wish to organize a cameral meeting that would require discretion. Our VIP Room is of high standard and includes a separate entrance, individual services and is adjusted to guests who value elegancy, calmness and discretion.


Meals served by us are a combination of traditional Polish dishes with a spice of nouvelle cuisine française as well as delightful French cuisine seasoned with Polish hospitality.




restauracja soho factory

restauracja praga południe

(48) 22 870 29 18