Warszawski Sen restaurant by Mateusz Gessler. Menu prepared by Chefs Robert Kondziela and Mateusz Gessler: carefully selected and composed ingredients of original Polish cuisine. We speak the language of culinary art and always strive for mastery.

restauracja śródmieście

The restaurant's interior is a materialized vision of an outstanding artist of the young generation, sculptor Tomasz Górnicki.

The coherent space composition is dominated by dynamic geometry symbolizing history and change. The figure of a rising angel reflects the resurgent hope and life. Entering Warszawski Sen restaurant, you enter the space where works of art create the atmosphere and character of the place.

Our ambition is to first sharpen the perception of visitors and then feed them, so that the time spent with us is a sensual and aesthetic experience.

Taste the Polish cuisine tailored to your expectations.

Perfect Polish flavour with a modern twist. Try filing cold appetizers or hot dishes baked in the oven.




kawiarnia śródmieście
restauracja śródmieście

BOSTON piano recital included in the price

Visit to Warszawski Sen is a treat for the body and soul. Music fits in perfectly with this motto, so we have prepared regular piano concerts to feed your senses and make you enjoy dinner with the loved ones.

polskie jedzenie śródmieście

WARSZAWSKI SEN by Mateusz Gessler
Koszykowa 63
+48 577 378 949 (for individual reservations)
+48 22 221 81 76 (for groups)